Spicy Pickle makes Pilgrims happy with the Harvest Panini

Props to the Spicy Pickle for having the guts to roll out its new Harvest Panini, essentially a Thanksgiving -- or Pilgrim -- sandwich remade and given a less holiday-specific (or politically thorny) name.

I have a long and delicious history with Thanksgiving sandwiches but have bemoaned the difficulty of finding them in Denver -- outside of a few places, such as Pat's and Spinelli's.

Thanksgiving sandwiches are universally regarded as one of the best gifts to humanity. They consist of the primary staples of Thanksgiving -- turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce -- between two slice of bread or a roll.

The Spicy Pickle's version, which is on the menu for a limited time, consists of turkey, cornbread stuffing, cranberry-cream cheese spread and grilled onions on rosemary focaccia bread. While the Harvest Panini could use a little more cranberry cream cheese (and maybe even some real cranberries) and a few less onions, the cornbread stuffing rocks.

All in all, it's a blessing to be thankful for.

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