Spies like us: South Pearl Street edition

Good eyes from S.R., my new favorite deep-cover operative in the South Pearl 'hood, who came back strong from the holidays with this little tidbit:

"Just an FYI . . . there is a notice for application for a liquor license at The Chocolate Berry (1890 South Pearl Street, Denver) with the applicant being Park Burger, Inc. The names listed for the entity are Jean Phillippe Failyau (pres.) and Frank Bonanno (shareholder). No murmurings in the n-hood yet."

I immediately got Bonanno on the blower to ask about the alleged new enterprise, and he (rather defensively) came back with, "Why? Because you were down on South Pearl? Because you saw my name on a liquor license somewhere?"

Uh, well... Yeah.

This, though, was just bluster, because come to find, Big Frank does have his fingers in yet another pie: this one to be called Park Burger.

"It's really Philippe's baby," he told me. "I think Jackie [Bonanno's wife, Jacqueline] is doing most of the design. He really just wanted a burger place."

Still, Bonanno assured me that--though he's only on the books as a "small" investor--he'll be helping Failyau out with menu design and the like. Maybe some operations. Maybe a little more.

"It's funny," he said. "That space and the new space [meaning Bones] are like the same space." Both are small and intimate, and could be crowded even with no customers in them.

Bonanno also let me know that Park Burger is looking at a speedy opening -- in February or March, right now. -- Jason Sheehan

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