Spirit Hound Distillery to reopen following flooding

Spirit Hound Distillery will finally reopen tomorrow, two months after it had to close when massive flooding hit Lyons, and much of northern Colorado.

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In order to reopen, the distillery had to replace a lot of gear as well as completely rebuild its tasting room, which required a new bar, new doors, drywall repair and refinishing on all the tables and chairs. "We're crawling back to life," states co-founder Neil Sullivan in announcing the reopening. "Our gear is up and running, we've got water and electricity. and our toilets are flushing again."

Spirit Hound is Colorado's first distillery. In his announcement, Sullivan said he's thankful for everyone who helped them get to this point. "We have seen so much goodwill from people who want to get up here and support our businesses," he adds. "It's been incredible."

The distillery will officially reopen on Friday, November 15, when it will have liquor for sale as well as a fully stocked bar ready to serve.

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