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Squeaky Bean's first anniversary party was all wet with top Denver chefs getting dunked for charity

If you missed out on the Squeaky Bean's first anniversary party, yesterday's porkstravaganza and birthday bash that put the fun back in Monday, then you also missed Squeaky Bean owner Johnny Ballen baring his buttocks, exec chef Max MacKissock parading around in a woman's flower-flaunting bathing suit, and several more top Denver chefs, restaurateurs and bartenders getting plunged into a dunk tank, a consequence of the generosity (and good aim) of fellow party-goers who paid five bucks each to see their favorite restaurant industry peep get all wet.

The party, which also doubled as a fund-raising event for Work Options for Women, a non-profit focused on preparing impoverished women coming off welfare for jobs in the food-service industry, raised $2,000 for the organization, $500 of which was donated by the Squeaky Bean staff. "We had a fantastic turnout and raised some good money, and we'll be back here next year to raise even more money for WOW," says Ballen, who promises that next year's shindig will also include a dog show.

While you're waiting on that, check out Johnny's buns after the jump.

Anika Zappe, bartender and mixologist extraordinaire of Root Down Craig Dixon, chef (and all-around good sport) of Cafe Options James Rugile, exec chef of Venue, looking pretty in pink Jennifer Jasinksi, exec chef of Rioja, Euclid Hall and Bistro Vendome, wore a white tank top, which was later camouflaged with an orange tank top after the chef realized that water and white is risky. Squeaky Bean owner Johnny Ballen, AKA Tarzan, took it all off, except for his "Champion" black boxer-briefs. Oh, nuts, jeered the crowd, before Mackissock summoned for a towel. Table 6 exec chef Scott Parker emerges wet from the tank after being dunked, dunked and dunked ... more than anyone else. Fruition owner and exec chef Alex Seidel creeped out the crowd with his cigar-smoking pig mask, which eventually had to be stashed away due to the freak-out factor it had on small children and food writers. Last, but certainly not least, Johnny Ballen's firm buttocks rounded out the day.
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