St. Paddy's Day gets off to an early start

Just in case you haven't made your plans yet, the Fainting Goat has you covered this St. Paddy's Day weekend.

The bar at 846 Broadway starts the action at 5 p.m. tonight with a benefit for Volunteers for America that costs $40 but keeps the Guinness coming until the keg runs out. Then on both parade day (Saturday, March 14) and St. Patrick's Day proper (Tuesday, March 17), the Goat has perfect deals for all you early risers and problem drinkers out there. On Saturday, "Pancakes and Pints" starts bright and early at eight in the morning: beer and breakfast, with the bar pulling pints and the kitchen dishing out flapjacks for all comers.

On Tuesday, the kitchen will fire up the grill again at 8 a.m. to make more pancakes. But the real deal on March 17 are the beers -- starting at just 25 cents at 8 a.m. With every hour that passes, the beers get progressively more pricey, going up another 25 cents every sixty minutes. Fifty-cent beers at 9 a.m., 75 cent beers at 10 a.m. You get the idea.

According to Goat staffers, they're expecting big crowds for the celebration weekend. So get there early, claim your real estate and plan on staying a while. The Fainting Goat is only four months old, but it already shows all the signs of becoming a great Irish bar, the kind I outline here.

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