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Starbucks continues its march to world domination with the Trenta

It's Monday morning, and you're in a ten-car pileup in the local Starbucks drive-thru, patiently waiting for your organically sourced beans brought from the rainforest by locals being paid in earth movers and skyscrapers, and suddenly you realize that your Venti beverage just isn't enough.

Say hello to the the Trenta.

This new-age measurement from the astute minds in Seattle is a direct challenge to other chains selling their wares in 32- or even 64- ounce beverage cups. The Trenta weighs in at just 31 ounces -- but it's seven ounces bigger than the Venti. And size matters.

The Trenta is designed for cold or iced beverages, such as iced coffee, iced tea and ice tea lemonade. And with the new size, of course, comes a new price: an extra fifty cents for only seven more ounces of that liquid gold to which we've all become addicted.

The rollout starts Tuesday in select states and by mid May, the entire nation will have gone Trenta.

I think I'm gonna need a bigger cup holder.

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