StarLite Diner & Lounge sets a March 15 opening date

Late last year, we learned that changes were in the works for a slot in Boulder's Twenty Ninth Street development most recently home to Ruby's Diner: Flatirons restaurateur Chris Dailey had picked up the space and was planning to build out StarLite Diner & Lounge.

"We're doing typical diner fare," Dailey told us at the time, citing burgers and club sandwiches as well as a day-long breakfast, available until 2 a.m. And while the owner doesn't expect many people to continue to order food at that time of night, he's calling the place StarLite Diner & Lounge because he hopes it will take on a more loungey feel as the night progresses.

Dailey also mentioned that he planned to give the spot a remodel with a "soft '50s look," right down to the old-school Coca-Cola signs and jukebox that will pump oldies over the speakers.

While Dailey hoped to get StarLite open by the beginning of this year, he encountered delays. Now construction seems to be nearing its end, because the spot has finally set a date. According to StarLite's Facebook page, the restaurant will open its doors on March 15.

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