Steuben's brings in the pigs

Got New Year's Eve plans yet?


Well, have I got an event for you...

Steuben's--that bastion of all things American, that storehouse of all your grandma's favorite recipes--has decided that it wants to be not only your New Year's Eve pre- and post-party headquarters, but also the only place to be for those of us who worship at the temple of the hog.

For 36 straight hours, stretching from opening on New Year's Eve all the way through New Year's Day, Steuben's will be keeping the kitchen hot and the joint jumping by offering not only the entire regular menu, but a second, special menu devoted to just one thing: pig.

Just hours from now, fire-gods in the kitchen will begin box-roasting not two, not five, not ten, but fifteen whole hogs brought in from Torpedo Farms to act as the (likely unwilling) centerpiece for its pork-and-eggs menu, sending the the pig out in various forms (as pulled pork, as pork-and-eggs, as a Cuban plate) all night and all through the next day. I got a note from owner Josh Wolkon just this afternoon, and the man seemed absolutely giddy at the prospect of having that much pork in one place at one time.

Come to think of it, I kinda am, too.

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