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Steuben's loses bar manager Sean Kenyon, but gains Randy Layman

Last week, Sean Kenyon, one of Denver's most championed bartenders and mixologists, vacated his post as bar manager of Steuben's, where he'd been slinging drinks and crafting cocktails since 2007.

Neither Kenyon, nor Josh Wolkon, owner of Steuben's, 523 East 17th Avenue, will discuss the nature of Kenyon's sudden departure. "It's an internal matter that will be kept in-house," is all Wolken will say on the subject, and Kenyon, who's on his way to New York to proctor testing at the Beverage Alcohol Resource Program, is keeping just as close-mouthed, although he does admit that he's got another gig lined up, which we'll announce here next week.

In the meantime, Wolkon has hired Randy Layman as Steuben's new bar manager. Layman, a former bartender at Vesta Dipping Grill, which Wolken also owns, will join his twin brother, Ryan, behind the bar, along with fellow mixologists Mark Grounds and Courtney Wilson.

Randy, who also tended bar at Avenue Grill, along with Ryan, was recently named Denver Magazine's Mixologist of the Year for 2010. "I'm extremely lucky that we had someone of Randy's caliber in the company to continue building Steuben's cocktail program. When he started at Vesta, he impressed me as being one of the best all-around restaurant people I've ever worked with, so this was a natural progression," says Wolkon.

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