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Steve Abo, chief pie hole of Abo's Pizza, comes full Circle

Steve Abo -- you know, the guy behind eighteen Abo's Pizza stores throughout Colorado -- is using some of the dough he's pocketed from tossing millions of pies to open a new restaurant that won't have anything at all to do with pizza. Abo plans to open Circle, a "Continental cuisine" restaurant, at 1035 Pearl Street in Boulder, in the building last occupied by Seven on Pearl.

The name, explains Abo, is "easy to say, easy to remember," and the space will be "artsy, cool and quiet, with no white noise that every place seems to have now because of all the exposed brick walls." He stops short of saying how, exactly, he plans to muffle the sound, just that he's incorporating "modern architectural design" and "materials that are new to the industry."

He won't elaborate on his menu, either: "Everyone is asking about the menu, but my main concern is that we have good quality food," he notes. "Most people order off the specials menu these days, anyway." As for the chef, Abo will only say that he's in the "process of hiring an unknown." That "unknown" will start turning out food sometime in mid- to late November, which is when Abo is aiming to open.
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Lori Midson
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