Stick-e-Star closes

Stick-e-Star, the catering operation/Asian fusion/American restaurant -- and former home of Star Market and Catering -- at 2070 South University Boulevard, closed earlier this week, leaving University of Denver students yearning for chicken satay, Cubanos and Thai ribs.

Owners (and DU alums) Mike Schettlerand and Ton Phairatphiboon are vacating the collegiate neighborhood and taking their business to the 'burbs. "Stick-e-Star is closing its doors, and Emerald Grill and Catering, our new restaurant, is opening theirs at the newly remodeled Windsor Gardens Community," says the sign on Stick-e-Star's front door.

"We've decided to move our operation to a bigger location with banquet facilities, a golf course and a country club atmosphere," continues the note. "We will still be catering off-premise, and will continue to have quality products served at reasonable prices, so that you can join us for breakfast, lunch and dinners." The new location is at 597 South Clinton Street; for more info, dial 303-341-7480.

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