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Sticker me contagious

Oh, glorious flu season, that wonderful time of year when just glancing at a stranger on the bus can shock your body into shiver mode. Add the mix of holiday parties and alcohol-themed socializing to the mix -- the kind where you accidentally sip from the same wine glass as the guy who just got back from a three-week scientific expedition studying Asian monkeys in the jungle -- and you've potentially just exposed your body to all sorts of unwelcome interlopers.

In these virulent times, clinQs® offers a solution. The reusable vinyl drink decals come in all sorts of designs, and the themes range from culinary to animalistic -- bird, pig, horse and the like, which you could use to indicate what particular strain of flu you've contracted. The company was started by two sisters-in-law, who are hoping to have clinQs® in stores nationwide very soon. For now, clinQs® are available for purchase on the company's website for $5.50 a sheet.

Hello, stocking stuffers.

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Saul Hudson