Stock up on booze at Amendment XXI, pocket money for cocktailing at Williams & Graham

Yesterday, we wrote about the five neighborhood liquor stores we head to when we're stocking up for a boozey holiday such as, oh, New Year's Eve. One that could have very well also made that list is Amendment XXI, the small shop at the edge of Highland that stocks a great selection of wine and provides plenty of expertise to sort it all out.

And this year, the shop may just be our go-to for the festivities, because it just added a deal we can't resist.

"Todd Colehour from Williams & Graham gave us a bunch of these wooden nickels," Leo Bortolotto, the shop's owner explains. "They have an Indian head on one side, and on the other side it says 'Williams & Graham.'They're worth a $10 credit. I have about ten of them or so, so when people come in and spend a lot of money, I'm tossing one their way."

Williams & Graham, the 1920s-themed bar that opened a month and a half ago, will no doubt be a popular New Years destination, and it's located just a few blocks from Bortolotto's shop.

The owner won't say exactly how much you have to spend to get your hands on the credit, but he does note that if you head in, pick up a bottle to two and mention that you saw this story, he'll give you one if he has any left. "When they're gone, they're gone," he adds.

So we can pocket money for cocktailing just for stocking up on booze? Bring on the New Year.

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