Happy Hour

Stoney's Bar and Grill: Not our cup of whiskey

Happy Place: Stoney's Bar and Grill, 1111 Lincoln Street, 303-830-6839.

The Hours: Daily from 4 to 7 p.m.

The Deals: Two-for-one draft beers, well drinks, margaritas and house wine; $5 appetizers.

Were we happy? Flip the page to find out.

The Digs: Stoney's occupies a large space on Lincoln Street just north of Sutra, the corner lounge that has passed through a number of sleazy monikers over the years (remember when it was called the Donkey Den?). Stoney's is the exact opposite of an erotic adventure, unless your idea of getting it on involves doing Jägermeister bombs until you can't walk and going home with the jock strap on the barstool next to you. However, if hollering sports fans, frat boys and horrible pop music don't bother you, Stoney's can actually be a great time, especially since the bar features attractions like Skee-Ball, trivia, bingo nights and a feisty crowd.

The Verdict: We thought Stoney's might be a chill place to catch up with old friends in the neighborhood, and we arrived early during happy hour on a Friday night. The music was loud and the cheering was louder, but we were starving and decided to stay.

Our beers took a while to arrive, although our server maintained his packed section of the bar very efficiently. The beer selection is vast but underwhelming, and our pints tasted as though the lines hadn't been cleaned in a very long time. But we were happy once our food arrived, simply because it meant we were that much closer to moving on to somewhere less obnoxious. Our pork tacos weren't pretty, but they tasted a helluva lot better than they looked. The plump, soft tortillas had a light crisp from the warmer, and the pulled pork was juicy and perfectly seasoned. The golden, fried pickles hid the finish of our "dirty" beers, and our bellies were filled in no time -- which was super, because we were dying to head for a more serene watering hole. If getting rowdy during college games is your cup of tea, you'll have a grand time at Stoney's, but for a relaxing evening of drinking and chatting, this particular bar falls way short.

Overall Grade: C+

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