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Strange Sauce: The week in national food news

The trailer for Jamie Oliver's new television show, Food Revolution, has been released. According to ABC, Oliver will attempt to transform the eating habits of a bunch of rednecks in Huntington, West Virginia, and rumor has it that he bawls when he realizes what he's gotten himself into. We don't blame him. Meanwhile, the Food Network announced that they've started production for a new show called Private Chefs of Beverly Hills (how original). And, guess what folks? The American viewing public is about to be blessed with another hour of Guy Fieri every week, as he's agreed to host a game show called Minute to Win It. Yawn. Padma revealed that Tom Colicchio drinks gin and tonics while he judges Top Chef, which made us fall in love with him a little more.

A team of KFC franchises is pissed that the corporate headquarters are promoting their new grilled chicken options more than the Original Recipe and have thus filed a lawsuit. Apparently, grill marks don't cover the nastiness quite as well as the breading does. A group with nothing better to do than raise money for a Colonel Sanders statue in Corbin, Kentucky -- home of the first KFC -- has met opposition from PETA, who is threatening to "place a life-size rendition of Colonel Sanders made entirely of chicken feces in downtown Corbin [that] radiates the smell of the crowded, filthy sheds in which chickens are forced to live out their short lives before being killed for KFC's buckets." Oh, snap.

German chef Harald Wohlfahrt is designing a line of gourmet astronaut food, and Chinese designer Daizi Zheng has created a cell phone prototype whose battery runs off of Coca-Cola.

CareerCast just released a list entitled Jobs Rated 2010: A Ranking of 200 Jobs from Best to Worst. Restaurant and food industry workers nabbed various spots on the "worst" end of the spread. In fact, their jobs were ranked less desirable than janitors, sewage plant operators and undertakers. Remember that the next time you leave a tip. On the brighter side, nearly a dozen former staff members from Gourmet have joined forces to create a new AOL food website launching next month.

Now thank the Gastro Gods that it's Friday.

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