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Strange Sauce: The week in national food news

Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign against childhood obesity kicked off yesterday in full force. Among her goals are the demand for promoting more exercise within school curriculums, teaching children about healthy food choices, and ensuring that nutritional information will be less misleading. TED prize winner and chef Jamie Oliver has declared that he will use his prize money to thin out the fat through food education and "empowering people everywhere to fight obesity." Meanwhile, the New York Times reported that obese children are twice as likely to die before the age 55 than children who are of average weight.

A study found that the scent of cherries decreases sexual arousal in women, and that chocolate won't make you feel as randy as the myth states: In fact, research shows that one would have to eat twenty-five pounds of chocolate to alter their levels of phenylethylmine. However, the American Academy of Neurology recently discovered that a weekly serving of chocolate lowers the risk of strokes, so come Sunday, eat chocolate with abandonment.

Speaking of romance, for a mere $250 million, you could be the proud owner of the Hooter's restaurant chain and all the waffle fries in the universe. Rumor has it that a family squabble is the cause of the upheaval. Caduringfor the Vancouver Olympics, and Domino's pizza has officially received over $1 billion in online orders. On a sadder note, it was announced that only ten percent of restaurant employees nationwide have health insurance provided through their workplace, and more than one-third have been asked at some point to work off the clock.

On that note, don't get sick, don't work too hard and have a good weekend.

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