Sugar High: Tony's Mile High Magic Bar

We snagged a sample of one of these Mile High Magic Bars from Tony's Market not too long ago, and it was so good that we vowed to go back for more. Little did we know what was waiting for us. A bite-size sample is a deceptive representation of something that, in reality, is a behemoth of a dessert. Here, maybe you need a little perspective... The brick of sweetened condensed milk, nuts, chocolate and butterscotch chips weighs in at just under a pound and will likely impress anyone who falls within its shadow. Bakery manager Bhai Good agrees that it's an easy favorite: "Anyone who tries it is like, wow, that's amazing." The bars are crisp around the edges, while maintaining a dense, cookie-dough-like center. You might think they were underbaked if the overall texture didn't work so well: It's almost like brown sugar fudge. The nut selection -- buttery macadamias and pecans -- meld well with the rich flavors, but also add a welcome crunch to the sticky middle.

Sure, the cookie bar is indulgent, but it's also completely shareable. Still, while two to three people could easily get in on the action without feeling deprived, Good says there are plenty of people who horde it for themselves.

Mile High Magic Bar: $3.29

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