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Sunday supper tonight at Devil's Food features Orin Swift wines

Devils Food Bakery & Cookery is renowned for its diabolical pastries and sinful breakfast and brunch dishes, but the Washington Park restaurant also turns out devilishly good dinners, and tonight, at 6 p.m., chef Brian Crow and wine buyer Marc Despalmes are hosting an epic supper paired with Orin Swift wines. "This is my dream wine supper," says Despalmes. "Five years ago, at a charity event, I first tasted Orin Swift's Papillon, and I was blown away by how the Papillon played with the palate, and ever since that day, I've dreamed of putting on a supper with Orin Swift wines."

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Crow, who's preparing a five-course menu, inclusive of foie gras, scallop crudo, pork tenderloin, cheeses from the Truffle and a chocolate "decadence" dessert, admits that when the opportunity presented itself, he was slightly intimidated. "I'm very excited about doing a wine supper with Orin Swift, but I was a little nervous at first, being that they produce such bold, intense wines, but I lightened up my dishes without taking away too much from the pairing itself," he says. "And as an added bonus, we'll be serving a touch of the famous Prisoner at the end just for fun."

Despalmes reveals that he and Crow spent the better part of a year tasting Swift's wines and mapping out ideas for this particular wine supper. "About three months ago, when we found out which wines Orin Swift had in the pipeline, we decided that the time was right to do a supper, and while we were tasting Orin's Mannequin -- the most complex white wine that I've ever tasted -- we bought two cases worth because of its severely limited availability, and we're super-excited to showcase it tonight," says Despalmes.

And then Despalmes got another lucky break: "We were initially planning on doing a five-course, six-wine supper," he says, "but then we received some amazing news from Erik Nielson, our incredibly gracious Orin Swift wine rep, that the Veladora Sauvignon Blanc would be released soon, so Instead of reconfiguring the entire meal, Brian and I decided to simply add an additional course to pair with it," which means, notes Despalmes, that tonight's feast will feature seven Orin Swift wines.

"I'm not sure that an Orin Swift tasting as comprehensive as this has ever uncorked in the Denver area, and since a few of these wines are extremely limited, it may be the only chance to taste them, plus the dishes that Brian's created to go with the wines are absolutely incredible," he adds.

Seats to the supper, which costs $100 per person, are nearly sold out, but a handful -- as in four -- still remain. To secure yours, call 303-733-7448.

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