Supporting Project Angel Heart is as easy as giving pie

This is the time of year when your inbox, mailbox and voice box are inundated with warm and fuzzy requests to support your favorite charities, the majority of which most of us guiltily ignore -- at least I do (but I spend all of my spare change on PBR and Coco Pebbles; what's your excuse?)

But Project Angel Heart, a local nonprofit that prepares -- and delivers -- healthy, nutritious and really good meals to people living with life-threatening illnesses, is a charity that truly warms our soul, and this year, it plans to do the same for others -- with the help of King Soopers stores and the people who shop there.

More than 75 participating King Soopers across the Front Range are baking pies -- apple; cherry; apple streusel; peach; and pear-blueberry -- to support Project Angel Heart, and if you purchase one of those pies, you're doing your part, too, because every cent of every pie you buy will go directly toward Project Angel Heart. "Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner, and many of our clients will be home alone this year, and our job is to make sure that, if nothing else, they get a delicious meal delivered to them, and by purchasing pies, you're helping to make that happen," says Jon Emanuel, the chef of Project Angel Heart.

The pies cost between $5.99 and $7.49 each, and every pie has a $10 Project Angel Heart donation voucher attached to it. "When you bring your pie to the check-out counter, tell the person checking you out to scan the voucher, and that money will also be donated to Project Angel Heart," says Emanuel.

Good pie, good cause.

For a list of participating king Soopers locations, visit the Project Angel Heart website.

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