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Surprise or snore? Survey says Denver diners are healthy but not too adventurous

Last week, Travel + Leisure placed Denver thirteenth on its list of best American cities for foodies. Now a new survey backed by LivingSocial, a daily deals site that queried 4,000 people from twenty U.S. cities about their eating habits, ranks Denver as the eleventh-best overall city for dining in the country -- ranking above Boston, Minneapolis/St. Paul and Seattle.

Not bad for supposedly the least "experimental" city out of the twenty surveyed, since the most common answer from the 200 Denver folks responding to the question of the "new" cuisine they'd checked out most recently was...Mexican.

This, despite the fact that one in five Denverites would call themselves "foodies" and one in ten would call themselves "locavores." Not that there's anything wrong with liking food or eating more sustainably, but those are hideous words.

Other results of the survey: Denver is the city with the third-highest number of vegetarians or vegans, the city with the lowest number of people reporting to have "sweet tooths," and the city with the fifth-highest number of people who call themselves "health nuts." That's something of a surprise, since we're supposed to be the fittest state in the country.

So what do you think? Is this an accurate portrait of how Denver stacks up, or just so much meringue? Find the full results and a snapshot of Denver's stats here.

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