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Swift's Breakfast House Is Closed...for Now

This Denver diner has been around since 1960.
This Denver diner has been around since 1960. Molly Martin
Could Denver be losing Swift's Breakfast House, too?

For the second time this week, news about the potential loss of a longtime Denver diner is firing up social media. First came the January 3 shuttering of Breakfast King, and now the fate of Swift's Breakfast House at 930 Santa Fe Drive is up in the air.

Open since 1960, Swift's has been known for its great greasy-spoon ambience, serving Pete's Coney Island red chili (named after a classic downtown restaurant that was demolished in 1990) and offering that rare Denver classic, the Toro Pot.

On January 5, Steven Quebec, who runs the Denver Foodie Facebook and Instagram pages, posted an announcement that Swift's Breakfast House "has closed its doors." Quebec says that he called the restaurant and confirmed the news that day. "We were told it was permanent," he adds.
click to enlarge Signs on the door at Swift's on January 5 say, "Closed today." - MOLLY MARTIN
Signs on the door at Swift's on January 5 say, "Closed today."
Molly Martin
The diner has a second location, Swift's Kitchen, at 4300 West Colfax Avenue. On January 6, an employee who answered the phone there confirmed that Swift's on Santa Fe is "closed for now," then added, "We don't know what's going to happen yet."

While Swift's Kitchen is definitely open, two signs on the front door of the Santa Fe spot on January 5 read "Closed today." They're still there today, and Swift's Breakfast House remains closed. (A "Closed temporarily" sign is still posted on the door at Breakfast King, too.)

Less than a week into 2022, it's not looking like a very good year for Denver's diner scene — which already lost Tom's Diner, the Denver Diner and the 20th Street Cafe after the March 2020 shutdown and has yet to see other traditional 24/7 eateries return to their full hours.
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