Swift's Steakhouse #4 becomes Ismini's Grill

"The neighborhood has changed a lot. People like to go out to dinner and sit down and have a drink." That's Ismini Giakouminakis's explanation for the changes that are under way at the restaurant she's owned at 8 South Broadway for five years.

And the first of those is the name: Her place, called Swift's Steakhouse #4 since it opened fifty years ago (#1, 2 and 3 were never under her ownership and have long since closed), is now Ismini's Grill.

But that's not all that's different.

The space has gotten an overhaul, too, with new equipment, TVs and a refurbished bar -- and Ismini's will finally pour alcohol.

"We got our full liquor license," says Giakouminakis. And that will allow the eatery, a breakfast and lunch joint, to offer bloody Marys and mimosas -- and stay open for dinner.

Which prompted a menu and chef change, too. "We added a lot more stuff," says the owner. "Like gourmet burgers. And a bigger vegetarian menu." The expanded list of vegetarian options includes seitan, tofu, falafel, homemade hummus and pastas.

Giakouminakis says she's wanted to upgrade since she took ownership of the spot, but the timing wasn't right until now. "It was time to freshen up," she says.

She had hoped to roll out all the changes by Valentine's Day, but some could take a few weeks longer. In the meantime, you can call 303-777-9923 for more information.

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