Taco Bell's employees weigh in on the beef

After being

sued for false advertising

on the grounds that its taco filling didn't contain enough beef to be called "beef," Taco Bell filed a

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, gave away

ten million free tacos

to Facebook fans and took out

full page ads

all over the country to explain that the beef really is 88 percent beef.

Damage control. Standard. But just so we all get the point, the company's now rolling out a new ad campaign in which its employees and franchisees vouch for the quality of the food on camera.

"Our seasoned beef is 88 percent premium ground beef and 12 percent signature recipe," one employee says in the ad. Mmm. Signature recipe. Sounds delicious.

Here's the result of those efforts:

That spot is wrapped up into an 88-cent Crunchwrap Supreme deal (because it's made with 88 percent beef, get it?), which lasts until March 5.

It's nice that employees and franchisees are willing to soothe the worries of the American public and all, but at this point -- more than a month and at least a couple of major world events after the news first broke on this subject -- we think it might be a better idea to stop reminding people that the beef is under scrutiny in the first place.

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