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Tacos Borrachos debuts at Civic Center Eats

They can be drunk, just not fucking drunk. Pinche Tacos introduced its "hermano menor," Tacos Borrachos, to the growing fleet of carts today at Civic Center Eats.

The new cart features all the same items -- a rotating menu of gourmet Mexican street tacos, as well as the same, by now familiar, donkey image that is its logo. But this cart had a new, more socially acceptable (at least to some) name.

In May, the Downtown Denver Business Improvement District reneged on its original acceptance of Pinche Tacos as a 16th Street Mall vendor when it discovered the meaning of its mischievous name, what it considered to be in violation of its obscenity policy. (Pinche is a Spanish equivalent of "fucking.")

So Pinche Tacos owner Kevin Morrison held a contest seeking a new name for its downtown carts. The winner was former Fourth Story executive chef Dan Brown, who came up with the Borrachos moniker and was the cart's first customer.

For his ingenuity, Brown gets 52 free lunches -- each of which entitles him to four tacos and a drink. Brown, who broke what he estimates was a five- to six-month spate of vegetarianism in order to eat his meal today, deemed the chicken taco he ordered to be exceptional.

Morrison says he plans to debut Tacos Borrachos on the 16th Street Mall next Monday. Meanwhile, he's scouting a location to establish a brick-and-mortar restaurant and says he'll offer free food for a year to anyone who helps him secure a spot.

For more information, go to Pinche Tacos website.

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