TAG has the country's hottest ice

I found out about TAG's new ice program through the Facebook status update of bar manager Mike Henderson: "Kold-Draft, you had me at hello..."

It's hard to explain to non-cocktail geeks why mixologists find Kold-Draft ice so exciting. Kold-Draft is the slowest melting ice available, and it's a much harder ice, so it lasts longer in cocktail sinks as well as drinks. It's also incredibly pure, which is key to keeping the integrity of spirits intact.

If we were talking about cars, Kold-Draft would be a Bentley. Diamonds? Ten-carat canary yellow. Kold-Draft won't help a crappy drink -- in fact, sometimes a bad drink is helped by being watered down. But TAG, which will celebrate its first birthday on May 18, doesn't serve crappy drinks.

And now it's making those good drinks even better by becoming one of the few places in town that features a Kold-Draft ice machine.

Here's the official word from TAG: "Kold-Draft's ice has the least amount of impurities of any other commercial ice maker on the market, meaning longer lasting ice and less drink dilution. That means our new Spring cocktails such as the Black & Buddha Smash will continue to be the perfect blend of rye whiskey and blackberries while you lazily sip cocktails on our Larimer Square patio. And, with our new ice program (the best in the city, even if we do say so ourselves) you'll notice not one, not two, but four different styles of ice arriving in your hand crafted drinks. Crushed ice in your Strawberry Basil Swizzle; cracked ice in your Business Thyme; block ice in your Beet-Root Negroni. It's the way drinks are made in the most well respected cocktail bars in the world and we're stoked to be at the forefront of this revolution in Denver."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.