TAG, you're it...but not quite yet

Just checked in with Leigh Sullivan to find out the status of TAG Restaurant, the long-anticipated spot that she and her husband, Troy Guard (TAG, get it?), are creating at 1441 Larimer Street.

Back in August, Leigh and Troy were looking at a February 1 opening for the restaurant, which is taking over the former home of Slim 7 as well as additional space in Larimer Square. But now that date has been pushed back a couple of months.


When will TAG really open? "That's the million-dollar question," says Leigh. Technically, it should be ninety days after Troy officially starts construction -- which, she adds, "would be next week? Supposedly?" But since that construction work will include building a two-story wine "library" and interactive dining spaces, it may not be quick.

So right now, Leigh and Troy are hoping to get TAG open by late March/early April. "Keep your fingers crossed," Leigh says.


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