Tahona Tequila Bistro and Sushi Tora owners to open a more intimate restaurant

The office building at 1035 Pearl Street in Boulder is rife with restaurant plans. Kimbal Musk and Hugo Matheson, owners of the Kitchen, are moving ahead

with their project to open a pub

, called

the Kitchen Cafe

, in the long, narrow space recently vacated by Abo's. Now Mara and Peter Soutiere, owners of across-the-hall neighbor

Tahona Tequila Bistro


Sushi Tora

, 2014 10th Street, have picked up a lease for more space in the same building.

They aren't planning on expanding Tahona, though. They're opening an entirely new restaurant.

That interior spot, which is nestled next to a hair salon and shares a kitchen with Tahona, will become a small, intimate restaurant with a focus on high-quality service and ingredients.

"It's not going to be a bar," says Mara. "Let me be clear on that. But think speakeasy in that the place will be kind of hidden. We want to make our diners feel special." Beyond that, the couple isn't ready to divulge a lot of details.

"We're still finessing the concept, and we're excited about it," Mara adds. "We're excited about the quality of ingredients we're bringing in."

The Soutieres are hoping to open the new spot by the end of April; we'll be posting updates here on Cafe Society.

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