Taita Peruvian Cuisine will open soon at Colfax and Marion

Tooey's Off Colfax has been one of our favorite watering holes since it opened its doors in 2009 -- in part because it makes an excellent classic martini. Still, on nights when we're bellied up to that bar, we always lament the fact that we have to wander down the block to find food.

Luckily, Tooey's is about to get a next-door neighbor that will require us to stumble only a couple of feet to quell our drunken munchies.

Soon, the space that shares the building will become Taita, a Peruvian restaurant and bar under chef Jose Arapicio, who's been cooking for more than twenty years. According to the new spot's website, the restaurant will feature a "new Peruvian menu with a touch of American influence." We're hoping for Peruvian empanadas, ceviche and Pisco, a Peruvian spirit, since Taita has also applied for a tavern liquor license and goes before the city on February 8.

Details are still sparse on exactly what Taita will serve or look like inside, but a bartender at Tooey's tells us the place should open in just two to three weeks.

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