F-words are so lovable.

Take one from column A, one from column B...

Just looked over Jason Sheehan's review of Thai Lotus, which reminded me of this recent missive from a reader:

First off, let me say I think Jason Sheehan is a talented writer and fair food critic. I look forward to his column each week. Okay, now for the bitching: It is a given, every blessed week, that Jason does at least four of these five things. He either a) talks about his wife (we get it, he loves her); b) uses the F word (sure, once or twice is okay for shock value, but it gets old); c) refers to his days as a fan of yay, toot, boogar suger, blow, coke, white or whatever you want to call it (cool, man!); d) waxes and wanes about his days as a grill person or line man or chef; or e) goes and has a smoke.

Yawn. I know it's a lot of F space to fill, but we'd rather just read the review.

Hey, just two out of five in this week's review! You'll have to read it to find out which made the cut, but here's a hint -- not a single F word. No fucking kidding. -- Patricia Calhoun

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