Take two: Pho 95 set to bowl over the Streets at SouthGlenn

Last week, I asked whether pho could be on the horizon for the Streets at Southglenn -- specifically a second outpost of Pho 95, Aaron Le's original temple of pho at 1002 South Federal Boulevard.

I have an answer.

"The deal is done, the lease is signed, we're putting everything together to get the space built and we're shooting for a March opening," confirmed Le when I got him on the phone earlier this morning. "I'm so happy, so excited to bring this kind of food to a new clientele," he enthused. "I know it'll be a challenge, but hopefully the people who haven't had our food before will enjoy it."

Dude, if they don't, then screw 'em. Of course, this being the suburbs and all, Le is going to tinker with the menu. "I promise you that I'll keep the menu as traditional as I can," he insisted, "but we're going to add a few more dishes -- pan-fried pho, for example, which is pho that's done with thicker noodles and oyster sauce." I suppose I can live with that.

And I know that I can live with the fact that this Pho 95 will have a liquor license. Just beer and wine for right now, says Le, but down the line? Who knows?

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