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Talkin' 'bout food, booze and music with David Scott of NEWSPEAK

That's what we'll be doing on Wednesday, September 2nd at Content Studio, 3033 Blake Street -- chatting about Denver's food, its bars and its music, in front of a crowd that will (hopefully) be all liquored up and rowdy. Think of it like the old-fashioned Jerry Springer show with an audience (you) all hopped up on Leopold Brothers gin, only rather than arguing about baby daddies and whether or not someone was banging their own sister, the discussions will be about cheeseburgers, blogging, dive bars and tunes.

And did you notice how, at the top, I said "we" will be doing all this talking? Yeah, that's because I'll be there on the stage having my say about god only knows what. Barbecue, fish tacos, the power of the internets in food writing.

I actually have no idea what the conversation will be about, but I do know that it'll be me and Ruth Tobias from chatting together about Denver's grub scene, followed by the Denver Post's John Wenzel and Erin Barnes from the Donnybrook Writing Academy talking music, then Mark Antonation from and Nate Warren from Denver Six Shooter discussing matters relating to the lush life. There'll be free booze provided by Leopold Brothers, hosting ably afforded by David Scott of NEWSPEAK, and the whole thing is being sold under the banner title Right Brain Blogs: An Evening with Denver Food, Drink and Music Writers so, you know, lots of fun there, right?

You can get more information about the event (the first of many such shows being produced under the NEWSPEAK banner) by visiting the NEWSPEAK facebook page or just looking at the picture up top. But for those of you too lazy to scroll back up, the details are thus: September 2nd, 3033 Blake Street, drinking starts at 6 p.m., talking begins at 7 p.m., tickets are $7 at the door and cheaper for students, and the whole shindig ought to run for a couple hours before everyone runs out of fascinating stuff to say.

Got it? Good. Being a man who has always enjoyed the rousing spirit of a good public debate, this promises to be an interesting night. I hope to see you all there.

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Jason Sheehan
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