Tavern Tech Center parties on Sunday with a birthday celebration and Bloody Mary bar

This Sunday, from 3 to 6 p.m., the Tavern Tech Center, 5336 DTC Boulevard, celebrates its first anniversary with Shock Top Belgian White beers for a mere dollar and a complimentary buffet featuring Kobe beef sliders, among other foodstuffs, all of which will be served on the Tavern's easy, breezy rooftop patio."We've been fortunate to develop a great group of regular customers who've made us feel right at home," says owner Frank Schultz, who's also added live acoustic music from local musicians to the Tavern's sun-kissed Sunday afternoon line-up.

But the best news of all is the newly expanded build-your-own Bloody Mary bar, offered every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at all the Tavern locations -- Tech Center, Uptown, Downtown, Lowry and Wash Park. For five bucks, you can pilfer from a spread of accoutrements, including eggs (in a bloody Mary?), cheeses, vegetable and meat skewers, stuffed peppers and olives, marinated asparagus, pepperoni and a slew of spices and sauces. 

With all those choices, it's a little like throwing a Hail Mary...and hoping it connects.

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