TD's Dogs set to open on Friday or Saturday

When Todd Regan took over the old Marrakesh space on Blake Street earlier this year, he optimistically planned to open a new restaurant in the space as baseball season got under way. But thanks to "the government," he says, which "wanted to make sure I knew who was in charge," he got pushed back -- way back.

All permitting issues finally cleared up, though, and Regan is finally getting ready to unveil TD's All-American Hot Dogs and Hamburgers this Friday or Saturday, pending a POS system install.

Regan's spent the last six months refurbishing the space, which, he says, is now "light, clean and blue -- and definitely not dingy." The former California resident hung his surfboards on the walls and extended the Golden State's theme behind the bar, where he'll pour tap beer and California-themed cocktails along with Red Bull and vodka, straight from a slushy machine.

But the menu is all-American. "I'm doing hot dogs and hamburgers the best way I can possibly do them," says Regan, who's starting with Hebrew National dogs and topping them with things like pinto beans and bacon crumbles, his own chile recipe or a heart-stopping combo of fries, fried onion wisps, fried jalapeño strips (called Texas toothpicks) and fried macaroni and cheese.

Burgers will get a similar treatment -- Regan promises a long list of condiments -- and one, which is called The Beast, will come crowned with bacon, cheese, chile and a hot dog.

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