Ten best places for tater tots in Denver

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Tater tots often aren't very appealing in restaurants; they're usually served lukewarm, too oily or not crispy enough. But when Gretchen Kurtz visited Vesper Lounge for this week's review, she found herself popping every tot at the table.

That got us thinking about other places in town that do right by tots, so we compiled a list of the ten best places in Denver for tater tots, presented below in no particular order. This spud's for you!

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10. Trillium 2134 Larimer Street

During its rollicking happy hour, Trillium offers sophisticated snacks to go with its complex cocktails. But these aren't your typical tots: They're truffled tater tots paired with a side of Hollandaise sauce. Take our word for it: They're a lot better than greasy spuds and watery ketchup.

9. Vesper Lounge 233 East 7th Avenue

Frank Bonnano's newest venture mixes Middle Eastern cuisine with neighborhood bar food and drinks -- and tots as a side with just about everything.

8. The Fainting Goat 846 Broadway

If you're looking for familiar -- and good -- bar food, the Fainting Goat is the place. Grab a Guinness and some tots, which can be loaded with cheese, bacon and scallions.

7. El Toro the Tot no set location

This Spanish-inspired food truck offers three kinds of tots with its fancy burgers: original, with oregano and paprika; cheesy, with Manchego, aged cheddar and smoked paprika; and Toro, topped with aged cheddar, bacon and oregano.

6. Fire on the Mountain 3801 West 32nd Avenue

This popular Highland wings joint offers homemade tots in original style, chile-cheese style, or a version made with sweet potatoes.

5. Tots Truck no set location

The Tots Truck website boasts that its tots "are simply the best." The menu features bacon-wrapped, jalapeno-stuffed tots, New Mexican churro tots and more.

4. Table 6 609 Corona Street

Table 6 brings tots out of the bar realm and into the world of fine dining. The tots, an appetizer, are a twist on chile-cheese tots, and they come heaped with chorizo, cheddar Jack and pickled peppers.

3. Session Kitchen 1518 South Pearl Street

Session Kitchen follows in Table 6's footsteps by reinventing the tot. Instead of russet or frozen potatoes, the kitchen uses Kennebec potatoes for its homemade tots, pairing them with a savory jam.

2. Uber Sausage 2730 East Colfax Avenue

At Uber Sausage, you can get tots just about any way you want them. The place offers seven different kinds of seasonings, such as Cajun and cinnamon and sugar, and six different toppings, including the creative sriracha aioli and berry-chipotle sauce.

1. Highland Tavern 3400 Navajo Street

The tots at Highland Tavern are simple and basic, but homemade and the perfect side for one of the bar's delicious burgers.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.