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Ten brand-new Colorado craft beers you'll be seeing in summer/fall 2014

Colorado's craft beer scene is getting crowded as a new brewery opens roughly once a week somewhere in the state. But the liquor store shelves can be a bit of a tangle as well, especially as older breweries introduce new or changing products to keep up with the latest thing. Here's a rundown on ten new beers that are on shelves now -- or will be soon -- most of them from breweries that have become household names in this state.

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Lawyers, Guns & Money Crazy Mountain Brewery Crazy Mountain has been brewing this hugely hopped barleywine for several years as a celebration of its anniversary, but it will package it for the first time -- in four-packs of twelve-ounce cans -- beginning sometime in late July or early August. Brewed with crystal malts and Belgian candi sugar, the 10 percent ABV barleywine is dry hopped to give it its hoppy finish. It will be the first Colorado barleywine in a can. 1020 Pale Ale Fort Collins Brewery Fort Collins Brewery announced last month that it was retiring its 1900 Amber Ale, which had been in its full-time lineup. The replacement: 1020 Pale Ale, named for the brewery's restaurant, 1020 Modern Tavern. Brewed with Galena, Cascade and Chinook hops, the 5.3 percent ABV beer "has a citrus aroma with underlying tones of pine and grapefruit zest," the brewery says, adding, "We felt a full hop aroma, but yet approachable pale ale was a great option for the future of our brewery." It should hit shelves in October. Showdown Rye IPA Great Divide Brewing "Bigger than Titan, but smaller than Hercules" is how Great Divide owner Brian Dunn describes this new 8.3 percent ABV beer, which takes the place of Wolfgang Dopplebock Lager, which had only been around for two years. Part of the seasonal Tank Farm series, Showdown is copper in color and has that "unmistakable spicy character, while a burly dose of American hops evokes the piney aroma of untamed wilderness," the brewery says. Bomber bottles will hit shelves in July. Trellis Garden Ale Odell Brewing Part of its Cellar Series, Odell released Trellis Garden Ale to celebrate the beginning of summer on June 21. Described as "a crisp, double pale ale," Trellis was brewed with coriander, cilantro, pineapple mint, lavender and rose petals harvested last year from The Gardens on Spring Creek, an eighteen-acre community garden in Fort Collins. Weighing in at 8.7 percent ABV, the beer has "hoppy hints of citrus and fresh cut grass." Mile High Pale Ale Wynkoop Brewing Mile High Pale Ale, which will be released during the July 4 weekend is a sessionable (at 5.5 percent ABV) version of the brewery's Mile H.I.P.A. It replaces Silverback Pale Ale in the Wynkoop's year-round lineup. The cans will feature a new label design, which will be the template for the brewery's other staples, including Railyard, Belgorado, B3K, and Colorojo Imperial Red Ale, which will be the second can with the new design. Estival Cream Stout Ska Brewing Estival Cream Stout is the fourth in Ska Brewing's line of seasonal stouts. The Durango brewery intended to release Estival in cans last year, along with the other three brews, but ran into labeling issues and so only released it in kegs. This is the first year it is available in cans. The 5.8 percent ABV medium-bodied stout was brewed with orange blossom honey and milk sugar and aged on orange peels. It hit the market on June 21 although it has been difficult to find in Denver so far. Buddha's Hand Breckenridge Brewery Breckenridge Brewery will debut Buddha's Hand, a Belgian witbier brewed with the Buddha's Hand fruit, as part of the new Mountain Series of beers that will only be sold in the brewery's Rocky Mountain Sampler twelve-packs. At 6 percent ABV and an IBU of 15, "this ale is crisp and refreshing with a subtle citrus zest making it ideal for summer meditations," the brewery says. The Rocky Mountain Sampler will include a rotating, limited release Mountain Series beer every three months. The Mountain Series is a collection of pilot, small batch, and seasonal brews. It should be out this week. Grätzer New Belgium Brewing/3 Floyds Brewing New Belgium Brewing teamed up with the well-regarded 3 Floyds Brewing in Munster, Indiana, for this unusual collaboration beer, a 4.5 percent ABV Grätzer brewed with oak-smoked wheat and Midnight Wheat malt. The very dark beer has a creamy mouthfeel and an unusual flavor brought on by the wheat, Polish Lublin hops and lactobacillus, which adds a faint sourness. It's out now in bomber bottles. Thai Style White IPA Upslope Brewing Upslope Brewing's Thai Style White IPA is only available in the brewery's mixed twelve-packs right now, but it will be sold on its own in six-packs come fall. Brewed using Belgian wit yeast, but hopped like an American IPA, this 6.5 percent ABV brew was infused with seven Asian-inspired spices. "The sharp, juicy citrus notes of the hops interplay with the unique Thai spice blend to create an unexpected, one of a kind refreshment," the brewery says. Hop Zealot Twisted Pine Brewing Twisted Pine introduced Hop Zealot last week as its new year-round IPA. The beer replaces Hoppy Boy, which will move over to the pale ale category. Weighing in at 6.7 percent ABV and 70 IBUs, Hop Zealot is brewed with Colombus, Amarillo and Simcoe hop varieties. It will be packaged in four-packs of twelve-ounce bottles.



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