Ten Colorado beers that are hitting stores now

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Colorado's craft brewers are constantly coming up with new beers, so many that it can be hard to keep up. Some are permanent additions to their lineups, while others are seasonal specialties that arrive for just a few weeks or months each year. Still more are small-batch releases that come and go before you knew they were there.

Yesterday, we listed six Colorado beers that you should buy right now -- because they will be gone soon. Today, we're giving you a list of ten in-state beers that have hit the shelves recently and could be worth your cash.

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The first three beers on this list are relatively new or just making it to Denver for the first time, because the breweries involved recently signed up with in-state distributors.

Face Down Brown Telluride Brewing Telluride Brewing has been pouring Face Down Brown for a while, but the brewery only recently began canning the classic brown ale -- which won gold medals at both the Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup -- within the last few weeks. Telluride has also signed on with a distributor to get the beer into Denver and Boulder. Red Swingline Trinity Brewing Trinity Brewing in Colorado Springs is undergoing an expansion and recently signed with Western Distribution to get its beers to Denver and Boulder, which is good news for locals who like Trinity's odd hoppy or sour beers. Red Swingline, which is part of the brewery's series of Office Space-themed brews, combines both. The Focus on the Beer blog describes it as "not as sour as other Trinity beers, but there's some good tartness there...some Brett funk, and...some big grapefruity hop aroma and flavor." Master Thief Grimm Brothers Brewhouse Grimm Brothers specializes in making German-style beers and recently began sending its basic lineup, along with a few seasonals, to Denver. Master Thief is one of its most unusual beers, though, because it is a porter. "Some crafty Germans became so fond of English Porter, they decided to steal the recipe for themselves and brew it with German ingredients: dehusked malts, German hops, and Alt yeast," the brewery says. "In honor of these clever Deutschlanders, we are proud to present Master Thief. It is sure to steal your heart with its dark complexion and subtle coffee flavors."

Continue reading for more new Colorado beers. The next three beers on the list have been released in cans or bottles in some form before, but have either recently been changed or have returned for a short time.

Gubna Oskar Blues The Gubna has been around for a while, but Oskar Blues made a few changes to the recipe this year and also relegated the year-round beer back to being a seasonal, in anticipation of introducing another seasonal in July. The new Gubna is still 10 percent ABV and has 100-plus IBUs, but it now has Cascade hops in addition to Summit. Belgian Style Pale Ale Upslope Brewing After hiding the good stuff in its Boulder tap room for a couple years, Upslope finally hit us with a flurry of beautiful beers in 2012, including Pumpkin and Christmas ales and Foreign Style Stout. But a fourth beer, Belgian Style Pale Ale, made Westword's list of "The ten best new Colorado beers of 2012," and should be back in stores shortly. Refreshing and carrying coriander and Trappist yeasts, like a Belgian wit, this ale weighs in at 7.9, although it's so smooth, you'd never know it. Twin Sisters Double IPA Left Hand Brewing Left Hand Brewing usually likes to be subtle with its hoppy beers, but not so with its Twin Sisters Double IPA, named for two peaks to the west of Longmont. Still, the beers is balanced, boasting piney, citrusy aromas. Oh, and Left Hand won't make it again until 2015, so enjoy it while you can. Continue reading for more new Colorado beers. The final four beers on this list are all brand-new introductions. Rampant New Belgium New Belgium is stretching out this year with several new beers that use uncommon or newer hops varieties, including Rampant, a chewy IPA that pushes the pulpy thick aroma and flavor of Mosaic and Calypso hops to the forefront. New Belgium describes it as having heavy peach tones, but I got more of a sweet, almost overripe vegetable taste that gave Rampant a punch at the front, followed by a tongue-drying bitterness at the end. Overall, the effect was a little like pop rocks exploding in your mouth. Senorita Horchata Imperial Porter Elevation Brewing Although Senorita Horchata is described as an imperial porter, it was made with lactose and drinks more like a milk stout. It was designed as a play on the traditional Mexican horchata, but the cinnamon notes are very light. It does have a nice mixture of chocolate and vanilla flavors and a smooth mouthfeel. Vernal Minthe Stout Ska Brewing Ska Brewing's Vernal Minthe is the third in the Durango Brewery's series of seasonal canned stouts -- all released on an equinox or a solstice -- and perhaps the most challenging. Made with both spearmint and peppermint, along with vanilla beans and coco nibs, it will likely thrill mint lovers. This one is just hitting stores. HeyDay Great Divide Great Divide shook up its lineup this year, announcing the addition of two major new seasonals: Orabelle, a Belgian-style trippel that debuted in January, and HeyDay, a Belgian-style white (with coriander and orange peel) that will be available from April through June. Just beginning to hit stores this week, HeyDay has been described as an easy-drinking beer, but with Great Divide's characteristic complexity.



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