Ten Pizza Styles and Where to Get Them in Denver (or a Little Beyond)

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7) Chicago Style

There aren't too many foods that cause more arguments than the Windy City's tomato-smothered, deep-dish pies. Chicago natives swear by their favorite neighborhood joints while many pizza lovers outside of Illinois have been put off by national chains serving mediocre versions of the style. At its best, a Chicago pie sports a thick and buttery -- but never doughy -- crust under a layer of tangy crushed tomatoes with plenty of mozzarella and some good quality sausage. Denver Deep Dish dishes a hearty example of Chicago-style pizza along with a good range of Midwestern and Denver craft beers.

6) Sicilian

Sicilian pizza may be the forgotten style, having risen to the height of its popularity in the 1970s and '80s. But there are still a few places left making the thick, rectangular, bready pies. It makes sense that an Italian bakery with great ciabatta would also make a great slice of deep-dish pizza; Dolce Sicilia captures the best of the style with a fluffy crust with crunchy edges and plenty of toppings.

5) St. Louis Style

If you have a craving for cracker-thin crust and Provel cheese (a white, processed-cheese hybrid), you're out of luck. Arch Pizza, Denver's primary purveyor of the Midwestern specialty, closed all three of its metro-area locations last fall. But hope is not lost: City Pizza & Pasta in Arvada bakes up its own version of the spirit of St. Louis, but purists be warned: the kitchen uses whole-milk mozzarella (gasp!), but you can opt for the oddly plastic-y Provel and you can even choose square-cut slices, just like they do in the Gateway City.

4) Old Forge Style

Never heard of Old Forge pizza? Neither had we, until the Old Forge Pizza Company opened locations in Edwards and Vail. Sure, those are a couple of hours from Denver, but at least you don't have to travel all the way to northeastern Pennsylvania -- where the pizza evolved to feed hungry coal miners -- to experience one of the country's most obscure styles. Baked in rectangular pans, the company describes its crust as "light and crispy... neither thick nor thin." Old Forge pizza also features a cheese blend rather than straight-up mozzarella.

Keep reading for three more pizza styles and where to get them in Denver.

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