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Ten restaurants that will bowl you over with New Orleans fare on Super Bowl weekend

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10) Lucile's Creole Cafe Lucile's Creole Cafe features classic Creole dishes at all five of its locations. Start your day Louisiana-style with biscuits and gravy or dive into a bowl of homemade gumbo for lunch. Don't leave without having a beignet (New Orleans-style donut). Served hot, it's impossible to resist. 9) Big Easy Creole Kitchen At Big Easy Creole Kitchen, which opened last fall, you will find crawfish étouffée, oysters, red beans and rice and much more on a New Orleans-themed menu. This Cherry Creek restaurant serves lunch and dinner, as well as a "Big Easy Jazz Brunch" on Sundays complete with beignets, eggs Benedict and fresh, bottomless mimosas. 8) NoNo's Cafe Known for its outrageous portion sizes, NoNo's Cafe will give you everything you need and more in terms of Southern-style cooking. NoNo's keeps it fresh with a menu that is constantly being updated, as well as a signature list of dishes that you can always count on. If you're feeling festive, order a traditional King Cake in anticipation of Mardi Gras that you can share (or not share) with your friends and family.

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