Tequila twins take on California

Twins Will and Dave Elger, who were born in Mexico but are very much Denverites, worked in the tequila business for a decade before creating their own five years ago: Muchote Tequila. Nancy Levine first caught up with it last September at Lime XS, where she discovered it made a good mango margarita.

"Muchote is an artisan tequila, and making tequila is an art," says Will.

But the bottle should not be part of that art, as it is with so-called super-premium tequilas that retail for $70 to $80, as opposed to Muchote's suggested $29.99. "What they are really paying for is fancy bottles and huge marketing campaigns," says Dave. "Our goal is to get back to the basics, and recreate the tequilas we remember growing up with, authentic quality at an affordable price."

Already available in Colorado, Arizona, New Mexica and Nevada, Muchote Reposado just moved into California, where it's distributed by Western States Beverages. And sometime soon, the brothers promise, a Blanco and an Anejo will also join the lineup.


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