That's the way the "Crummy Cookie Bandits" crumble

The Denver Police Department has arrested two men suspected of several robberies in the metro area who'd been dubbed the "Crummy Cookie Bandits." Nineteen-year-old Rodney Mitchell and 33-year-old Dartanian Mitchell were taken into custody last night at the Blockbuster video parking lot on Colfax Avenue.

Both are being held in the Denver jail for investigation of aggravated robbery at stores ranging from a Little Caesars, to a Blockbuster, a 7-Eleven and two Subway restaurants. Mitchell, who'd earlier ripped off a monitoring device and escaped custody in Kansas, also has outstanding warrants for burglary, theft, criminal mischief, aggravated motor vehicle theft....but not bad table manners.

According to John White, spokesman of the DPD, the duo earned the "Crummy Cookie" nickname because "they would come into a store and ask for cookies," he says. "When the victims would turn their backs to retrieve the items, they would then come over the counter and execute the robbery."

But clearly, their plan was half-baked. Little Caesars for cookies? It was only a matter of time before they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar...

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