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The 2Up arcade bar on East Colfax is now open for business, nerds

Jourdan Adler, the owner of The 1Up, the hip arcade/bar in LoDo, now has a second outpost of his video game-centric bar in the former Pete's Monkey Bar space at 717 East Colfax. the 2Up. Last night, the 2Up -- complete with 35 games, eight pinball machines and three skee-ball lanes -- had a soft opening.

So, can you still order a 40-ounce at the 2Up, like you can at the 1Up? Read on to find out.

As for the libations, the 2Up will offer popular local craft beers such as Left Hand, Ska and Breckenridge, among others, in addition to the Coors Lights and Stellas. The current lineup includes Nitro IPA, Bristol Laughing Lab, Bristol Mass Transit, Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro, Great Divide Rumble, Dry Dock Hefe, Ska Pinstripe, Avery White Rascal, Stella, Breckenridge Fantastic Pour, Dale's Pale Ale and Coors Light.

The bar will not feature the 40-ounce bottles so popular at the 1Up, Adler says, but it will have Mickey's malt liquor "grenades" and Colt 45 cans. The rest of the can selection at the 2Up is almost the same as at the original location.

Can't get enough 2Up news? Of course you can't. Go over to Backbeat for more photos and the full story on the 2Up -- including video games and news on giant Jenga: Backbeat: A first look at 2Up on Colfax

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