The Bar-On family may be losing the Udi's name, but brought back Braun

It's almost time for the big reveal. Later this week, Udi's will announce the new name for its local restaurant empire, a change prompted by the $125 million sale of the company's gluten-free and granola division in 2012. The name won't be a complete mystery, though: We know it will honor the company's history and we know it will honor the importance of family, and we know this not because we're clairvoyant, but because the top contenders -- Etai's (the name of the founder's son), Silvy's (the name of the founder's mother), and Izzio's (honoring the bakery's head baker) -- were all revealed to the public on the Rename Udi's website. See also: Udi Bar-On on selling his brand for $125 million and how you can win the name game But another family name isn't getting as much attention these days: Braun.

That was the original name of the family in Austria; it was changed to Bar-On after a move to Israel.

But the Braun name was resurrected last fall, when the Bar-On family took over the former home of the Archive Room in Olde Town Arvada and turned it into Braun Taphaus & Grille.

Find out how the food is at this member of the extended Udi's -- or Etai's or Silvy's or Izzio's -- clan when my review of Braun Taphaus & Grille is posted here tomorrow.

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