The Ten Best Vegan Sandwiches in Metro Denver

Vital Root makes its club sandwich with coconut "bacon."
Vital Root makes its club sandwich with coconut "bacon." Danielle Lirette

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click to enlarge The meatball sandwich at Native Foods. - WESTWORD
The meatball sandwich at Native Foods.
The Meatball Sub at Native Foods Cafe
1675 29th Street, Boulder

The meatball sub at Native Foods Cafe could quite possibly fool even a die-hard meat eater. The meatballs are made out of seitan and have a bit of a kick to them. They’re smothered in a slightly sweet marinara sauce, caramelized onions, roasted red peppers and a perfect finish: pumpkin-seed pesto.

click to enlarge KRISTEN KUCHAR
Kristen Kuchar
The Beetnik at Organic Sandwich Company
1500 Pearl Street, Boulder, 720- 639-3986
459 South McCaslin Boulevard, Louisville, 720-598-5931

There are a handful of tasty vegan and vegetarian sandwich options at this modern sandwich shop in Boulder and at its Louisville sibling. The Beetnik is a must-try, with a chewy pretzel baguette, tender roasted red and gold beets, a zesty housemade almond feta and arugula. You’ll also find a vegan soup on occasion to go along with your sandwich.

click to enlarge Inside Vital Root. - DANIELLE LIRETTE
Inside Vital Root.
Danielle Lirette
The Club at Vital Root Denver
3915 Tennyson Street

Vita Root is a casual, stylish spot perfect for picking up a quick sandwich during a busy day. Sub the white cheddar for Chao Cheese to make this tasty club vegan. Instead of the usual bacon, you’ll find coconut “bacon,” along with avocado, tomato, watercress and miso Dijonaise.

The Atlas at Watercourse Foods
837 East 17th Avenue
If you’re a vegan living in Denver, odds are you’ve been to Watercourse Foods; it's one of the few restaurants in town with a menu that's entirely meat-free and dairy-free. You can kick off your day with a hearty breakfast sandwich, but for lunch or dinner, opt for the simple Atlas sandwich. It’s like an updated version of the classic BLT, with smoky tofu bacon, creamy mashed avocado, fried green tomatoes, roma tomatoes and horseradish aioli on a Kaiser roll.

click to enlarge The WongWay Veg truck at Lookout Mountain Nature Center in Golden this summer. - WONGWAY VEG
The WongWay Veg truck at Lookout Mountain Nature Center in Golden this summer.
WongWay Veg
Boulder Philly at WongWay Veg

This veg-friendly food truck turns out comfort food that's vegan (or can easily be made vegan). The most popular item is the Boulder Philly sandwich. Marinated portobello mushrooms, sauteed onions and peppers, and roasted green chiles are piled onto a chewy toasted hoagie roll. Sub out the Jack cheese with avocado-cashew cream or a smoked almond chipotle spread to go from vegetarian to vegan.
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