The British are coming: Five places to toast the birth of the royal baby in Denver

People love babies. Pudgy legs, bald heads, big innocent eyes. Add dressed in a crown, Prince William and Kate Middleton's blue-blooded bouncing boy should make the crowd go wild. In honor of their new arrival -- and third in line to the throne -- here is a list of five places in Denver where you can toast the regal baby.

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5. Pints Pub 221 West 13th Avenue www.pintspub.com What better way to celebrate a British baby than to down a couple of brews at a British pub. Pints specializes in traditional British cask-conditioned ales that is brews on site. it also has a menu featuring numerous British specialties and a huge collection of single malt whiskeys that should enable you to find the perfect way to toast the baby. 4. GB Fish & Chips 1311 South Broadway 2175 Sheridan Boulevard 5325 East Colfax www.gbfishandchips.com Nothing says British quite like fried, flaky fish and golden chips. Some say this meal is so good that it will make you go bloody mad. But it's safe to say that it won't be the royal infant's first dish. 3. The Streets of London Pub 1501 East Colfax Avenue 303-861-9103 This would be the perfect place to ask for the Kate Middleton English Rose Cocktail. The bartender doesn't know what's in it? No problem, we do! Kate Middleton English Rose Cocktail 1 Sugar Cube 3 drops Orange Bitters 1 oz. DRAMBUIE Top with: 4 oz. chilled Blanc de Noirs Champagne Splash Campari 3 drops Rosewater 2. The British Bulldog 2052 Stout Street www.britishbulldogdenver.com This British-style gem is snug yet homey, but if you're into British culture then you've likely already taken in an Association football game -- sorry, soccer -- and enjoyed a nice curry here. 1. House of Commons 2401 15th Street www.houseofcommonstea.com Want to soberly welcome the new baby? Sit down with a pot of tea and a British sandwich titled the Wimbledon; turkey, imported Brie, English herb jelly, mayo, lettuce, tomato and English cucumber. Cheerio!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.