After months and months and months of delays, Kaos, the take-out pizza shack from Patrick Mangold-White and Jon Edwards, will finally fire up its oven tomorrow at exactly 11:30 a.m. Mangold-White and Edwards, who also own Gaia Bistro, 1551 South Pearl Street, had hoped to open Kaos in the former home of Nosh at 1439 South Pearl back in May, but issues with their wood-burning oven -- specifically the size of it -- created a shitstorm of problems with the city of Denver. "That's all done now, we're ready to go and even though I'm terrified, it's a good terrified," said Mangold-White when I stopped by earlier today to check on the progress, and, as it turned out, sample a killer margarita pizza.

The chaos is over: Kaos opens tomorrow on South Pearl Street

"I forgot how much fun it was to make pizzas," Mangold-White said, laughing. "This is a blast." He's still tinkering with the menu, but it'll include salads, pastas, panini and of course, pizzas, including a seasonal special, which is currently a pie with pumpkin butter, figs, fresh sage, toasted pumpkin seeds and walnuts. "We'll also have a board with the whims of the chef, you know different pizzas and sandwiches each day," Mangold-White explained.

Delivery starts tomorrow, too, and because Mangold-White and Edwards appreciate that the neighborhood likes its libations, they're giving customers the option of ordering their pizza with wine. That's right: They've got two whites and two reds, all of which come from Divino Wine and Spirits on South Broadway. "We'll have a beer and wine license in February, but until then, we're offering four wines for around $12 a bottle, which is way cheaper than restaurant pricing," says Mangold-White.

We'll open our pie hole for that.

Kaos will be open daily from 11:30 a.m. until 10 p.m. Call 303-733-5267 to get a pie (and wine) delivered to your door.

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