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Reader: Cricket Overrated, Like Everything Else in Cherry Creek

So close, you can almost taste it.
So close, you can almost taste it. Danielle Lirette
The Cherry Cricket suffered a kitchen fire last Thanksgiving Eve that closed the popular burger joint — and rare casual hangout — in Cherry Creek. Now, after four months of repairs that included building a new kitchen and updating the bathrooms — but otherwise nothing that would change the feel of the place — the Cricket is planning to reopen with a week of festivities in mid-April. And many readers are ready to celebrate. Says Mike: 
Best place for a burger hands down!!!!!
But others disagree: 
Over-rated, just like literally everything else in Cherry Creek. Crave Burgers is waaay better!
And then there's this from Jake: 
Cherry Creek doesn't know a good thing unless it's bathed in benjamins and duct-taped to a billion dollar check. They couldn't sniff out a good thing if it was chocolate gateau-covered billions with a cents-bomb panko crust.

Cherry Creek...you suck. that's all I got.
What do you think of the Cherry Cricket's burgers? Will you be there when it reopens?
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