The Denver Beer Company aims to be the city's newest brewery

Like its name, the Denver Beer Company will be simple and straightforward.

"That's what we are all about," says Charlie Berger, who plans to open a brewery and taproom with business partner Patrick Crawford in June. "We are not reinventing the wheel. Our goal is to make great beer in Denver. That's not to say there isn't already great beer in Denver, but there can always be more."

Berger has been a brewer and sales rep for the Wynkoop Brewing Company for the past three years, but decided to leave at the end of last year to do his own thing.

"We want to do a lot of one-off, seasonal beers," he says. "We'll dial in a couple of regular beers, but people like to drink what the beer of the season is. That is the model."

Right now, he and Crawford, a homebrewer and engineer, are looking at a couple of sites -- and close to signing a lease on one of them. They are envisioning a taproom and a big outdoor garden with communal seating tables. "I don't know where that exists in Denver, so it's a niche that will be really fun to fill," Berger says.

Denver Beer Company will also feature big, Bavarian style pretzels with dipping sauces paired to match specific beers. For instance, a spicy mustard might go with a rye pale ale, while an ESB could be served with an artisanal cheddar sauce.

Beyond that, however, Berger says he'll be encouraging street vendors and carts to come through. "We are brewers, not chefs," he says.

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