The Denver Roller Dolls want you to name ... that ... beeeeeeer!

The Denver Roller Dolls, one of Denver's two badass roller derby leagues, will soon have its own beer, courtesy of the Wynkoop Brewing Company.

According to the Dolls, the beer will be a "pre-Prohibition-style lager" that's "smooth and elegant." No word on exactly what it'll taste like, but our guess is blood and estrogen.

Thus far, the beer has no name. La, la, la la la la, la la la, la, la! (Yes, that's a reference to the America song, "A Horse With No Name." Don't judge.) So the Dolls are holding a contest to name their brew.

As of this morning, there were dozens of suggestions, including: Blocker Brew, DRD Adult Tea, Arrogant Bitch Brew, Jammer Juice and Apres-Bout Stout. Got an idea? Leave it on the Dolls' Facebook page before the clock strikes midnight on Wednesday.

The Dolls will narrow the suggestions to ten finalists. Then, on May 27, the Wynkoop will throw a launch party, at which attendees will cast ballots for the brew's name. The more you drink, the more you vote! Each pint purchased earns you one ballot. Ah, democracy.

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