The Desk will open on April 9

Constantly searching for a perfect place to do work was a battle that Mandy Stevens fought every day as a freelancer. So a month ago, she revealed plans to open her own: she and her husband, Kristian Barowsky, took over the Buffalo Exchange space on 13th Avenue and are building out The Desk, a co-working cafe meant to combine all the little things Stevens really wanted in a workspace.

"We're trying to meet a niche in the marketplace that hasn't been met yet," Stevens said when she announced her plans, adding that she was planning to combine the best aspects of coffee shops and co-working spaces she'd seen, but without making it too boisterous to work or too much like an office, which many co-working space users are trying to avoid.

To that end, she and her husband, who's an architect, built many types of workspaces, including group seating, individual desks, private offices, quiet rooms for phone calls and a conference room. "Every detail at the Desk is deliberate, and every decision is intended to create a space that inspires those who work there," Stevens says in a release. She lists "ergonomic task seating," "business-class wi-fi" and "influential interior design work" as examples.

The Desk will also feature a cafe, which will offer Ink! coffee and food made by nearby purveyors, plus more casual seating that's first-come, first-served -- and free.

Stevens had hoped to open by the end of March, but her date was pushed back just a bit; she's now gearing up to open on April 9. Reservations for all workspaces will be available via an online real-time availability system, which Stevens tells us she plans to roll out by opening day. In the meantime, she suggests e-mailing info@thedeskdenver.com to make reservations if you're eager to land a table sometime during that first week.

"We're super-thrilled to be opening," Stevens says. "We've gotten a lot of positive feedback. We're ready to get open and get rocking and rolling."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.