The French Press has breakfast options for vegetarian eaters

As difficult as it is to find vegan options at breakfast joints (read: nearly impossible), it's also not always easy to find plain old meat-free entrees. And the farther from central Denver you travel, the more difficult that task becomes. So we were thrilled to discover the French Press, 85 South Union Boulevard in Lakewood, and its array of vegetarian-friendly breakfasts. (Vegans aren't totally left out in the cold, either.)

Although it's in a tough location -- in a difficult-to-see elevated strip mall off of Union, located behind a Wendy's -- the French Press was packed when we stopped by this past Sunday. The dining area hummed with pleasant morning chatter, and although the cafe isn't much to look at from the outside or the inside, the throngs of people indicated there's more to this breakfast spot (which also serves lunch and dinner) than meets the eye.

The French Press has a steel-cut-oatmeal dish that comes with walnuts, raisins, brown sugar and almond milk, which is certainly suitable for vegans, but we were in the mood for something a little fancier. The Veggie Bennie was certainly that: It comprised a portobello cap, spring mix, roasted tomato, two quivering poached eggs and a lemon-tangy Hollandaise sauce. Paired with an almond latte and served with snappy grilled asparagus, it hit the spot.

The huevos rancheros featured a flour tortilla topped with potatoes, eggs any style (over-easy in this photo) and black beans, all smothered in the eatery's vegetarian green chile.

There are also pancakes, granola, crepes, breakfast sandwiches and more on the menu suitable for vegetarians. The food took a while to come out -- the kitchen was slammed -- but when it did arrive, it was fantastic. This is bound to become one of our regular Sunday-morning stops.

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